2023 Board of Directors

Tim Hebert
Vice President: Diana Sinina
Treasurer: Lynn Antonelli
Secretary: Chris Kardos

Board Members
Anne Diamond
Dr. Georg Noren – Chair, Fundraising
Garry L’Europa
Jerry Lupien
Ivan Kirschner

Administrative Staff

Music Director: Dr. Brian Cardany
Concertmaster: Christina Dickson-Brownell

Chair, Fundraising: Dr. Georg Noren
Marketing & PR: Dirigo/Garry Foisy
Graphic Design: Dirigo/Garry Foisy
Website: Dirigo/Garry Foisy

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, entertain, and inspire through music.
We are committed to presenting the highest quality performances of great music and educational programming in order to enhance the cultural vitality and quality of life of our community and to further the public’s knowledge and understanding of orchestral music.


2021-2022: Diana Sinina
2019-2020: James Hoyt
2018: Christine Warren
2017: Rene Fontaine
2015-2016: Andrew Konnerth III
2014: Bethani Godin / Anthony De Luca
2013: Bethani Godin
2012: Michael Konnerth
2011: Patricia Fox
2010: Patrick Boulay / Joseph Bentley
2008-2009: Anthony De Luca
2007: John Lilley
2006: Andrew Konnerth III
2001-2005: Anthony De Luca

Music Directors
2019-2022: Dr. Brian Cardany
2005-2018: Stephen Toro
2001-2004: James Toro

Executive Directors
2019-2022: Anthony De Luca
2014-2018: Peter Doiron
2013: Thomas Archer
2012: Benjamin J. Keating
2010-2011: Anthony De Luca

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche